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Millennials, YOU are the change makers of the FUTURE!

Tempus is an entrepreneurship conference for young adults. For two days, we will learn the stepping stones to successful entrepreneurship: strong networking, good business planning, identifying the target market, managing a company and much more. Attendees will get insight into the impact that a socially driven or responsible business can have and how they can make conscious decisions every day to help social and environmental causes.

Are you a Young Entrepreneur?

You want to see a positive change in the world and you want to lead that change. Young entrepreneurs are tackling a much bigger picture than entrepreneurs of previous generations. You care about the "Triple Bottom Line": People, Planet and Prosperity. Unlike an entrepreneur who models his/her business with the sole goal of making a profit, you take into account the impact that your business can have on the world and society. You see a need in the world and try to meet that need in an innovative, profitable and socially responsible way. You are a Young Entrepreneur - Welcome!